Course Descriptions

The coursework includes 25 separate courses (15 hours each), consisting of seven courses in Physiology (Series 100), eight courses in Psychology (Series 300), eight courses in Interventions (Series 400), and two courses in Business (Series 500). Courses are held in two one-day sessions, on a Saturday or a Sunday, two weeks apart, to provide time for completing assignments, taking examinations, and reviewing relevant material.

PHYSIOLOGY (7 Series 100 Courses, for 7 units)

CRANIOFACIAL AND OROFACIAL PHYSIOLOGY (3 Series 100 Courses, for 3 units)

  • 121  Anatomy and Physiology of the Craniofacial Complex
  • 122  Craniofacial and Orofacial Myofunctional Development
  • 123  Craniofacial and Body Posture, Habit Correction and Business Practice Management

BEHAVIOR (9 Series 300 Courses, for 9 units)

INTERVENTIONS (7 Series 400 Courses, for 7 units)

BUSINESS (2 Series 500 Courses, for 2 units)