Grading for courses and proseminars is based on a combination of attendance, participation, examinations, assignments, presentations, and/or practicums as specified for each course by faculty.

Attendance and participation: Taking courses at the Graduate School is about sharing knowledge and experience with colleague students and faculty.  Live participation is considered to be a key learning component of all coursework.

Unless otherwise arranged, students are required to attend in person for at least half the time allocated for a course and to listen to the course recordings for any time missed. Proseminars require a minimum of 75% attendance along with active participation, or as specified by the Proseminar leader. If students do not attend the scheduled meetings, they will receive a grade of NC (no credit) and will be required to take the course again with an additional tuition charge.

Examinations: Most courses include at least one written essay examination published on the e-campus website. Examinations are “open book” and consist of short answer essay questions that in most cases emphasize concepts, principles, applications, and critical thinking. Grades for exams are: A, B, and NC (no credit).

Examinations are taken exclusively on the e-campus website where they may be worked on, saved until returning at a later time, and then ultimately submitted when ready. Once an exam is submitted, it is graded and returned to the student on the e-campus website with a point score, comments, and the assigned grade.

Exams must be submitted by the due date listed by the instructor on the e-campus website. If an exam is not submitted by the due date, a grade of NC (no credit) will be assigned. Although turning in an exam after the end of the trimester will be accepted and graded, a $100.00 late fee will be assessed before assigning the grade and updating the official transcript. (Note: This late fee policy is effective for all courses taken after December 31, 2015.)

Assignments, presentations, and practicums: Some courses and all proseminars require projects that include written reports, case presentations, and practicums. Assignments are uploaded by instructors on to the e-campus website for their course and completed assignments are uploaded to e-campus by students. Grades on written assignments and presentations include the following: A, B, and NC (no credit).