Grading for courses and proseminars is based on a combination of attendance, participation, examinations, assignments, presentations, and/or practicums as specified for each course by faculty.

Attendance and participation: Taking courses at the Professional School is about sharing knowledge and experience with colleague students and faculty.  Live participation is considered to be a key learning component of all coursework. Unless otherwise arranged, students are required to attend in person for at least half the time allocated for a course and to listen to the course recordings for any time missed.

Proseminars require a minimum of 75% attendance along with active participation, or as specified by the Proseminar leader. If students do not attend the minimum number of scheduled meetings, they will receive a grade of NC (no credit) and will be required to attend and pay for attending additional sessions in the following trimester. If the work is not completed during the following trimester, the grade will change from NC to F.

Examinations: Most courses include at least one written essay examination published on the e-campus website. Examinations are “open book” and consist of short answer essay questions that in most cases emphasize concepts, principles, applications, and critical thinking. Grades for examinations are: A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, and F.

Examinations are taken exclusively on the e-campus website where they may be worked on, saved until returning at a later time, and then ultimately submitted when ready. Once an exam is submitted, it is graded and returned to the student on the e-campus website with a point score, comments, and the assigned grade.

Exams must be submitted by the due date listed by the instructor on the e-campus website. If an exam is not submitted by the due date, the faculty member may extend the completion time, or assign a grade of NC (no credit). A faculty member at her/his discretion may assign a final grade of NC and permit the student to complete the exam during the following trimester.  If, however, the exam is not submitted before the end of second trimester, the faculty member is obligated to enter a grade of F for the exam.

Assignments, presentations, and practicums: Some courses and all proseminars require projects that include written reports, case presentations, and practicums. Completed assignments are uploaded by students on the e-campus website where faculty can view, download, and grade assignments.  Grades for assignments and presentations include: A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, NC (no credit), and F.