401 Autonomic Psychphysiology (1 credit unit)

Feedback is a fundamental learning principle. Biofeedback is about identifying habits and learning new ones that regulate basic physiology, habits that may compromise or enhance human health and performance. Feedback modalities – brain waves (EEG), muscles (EMG), temperature, skin response (GSR), blood pressure (BP), heart rate (HR, heart rate variability (HRV), respiration (RESP), carbon dioxide (PCO2); Electronics & software – hardware, feedback displays, feedback controls, data acquisition; Applications – psychotherapy, physiotherapy, medicine, education, sports; Autonomic regulation – fight & flight, vascular, cardiovascular, pulmonary, gastric, systemic; Somatic regulation – dysponesis, muscle pain, muscle dysfunction, headache; Central regulation – attention, anxiety, anger, stress, mood, consciousness; Protocols – learning vs. treatment, mediated vs. direct regulation, autonomic regulation, generalization of learning, case studies.