Ms. Reamer earned her MS degree in Applied Breathing Sciences from the Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences in 2014, her MFA degree from Pratt Institute in 1997, and her BFA degree and Teaching Credential from the University of Denver in 1990. She also studied at: the Parsons School of Design in New York (New School of Social Research), 1979-1980; the American Academy of Sports Medicine, 1982 (Personal Trainer Certification); the Vienna Academy of Fine Art in Vienna Austria, 1982-1983; University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, 1990-1991 (Impact Counselor Certification); the University of Colorado in Boulder, 1999-2001(Graphics Art Certification); and Full Circle of Alternative Therapies, 2001-2003 (Craniosacral Therapist Upledger Certification).  She was certified as a Breathing Behavior Analyst and earned her Behavioral Biofeedback Certificate from the Professional School of Behavioral Health Sciences, both in 2014.

Ms. Reamer is currently Director of Education for the Professional School of Breathing Sciences, Executive Director of the Breathing Science Network LLC which provides breathing services internationally to clients with dysfunctional breathing habits, and serves as Executive Director of Behavioral Physiology Institute in Santa Fe NM which provides curriculum development, professional consultation, and practicum tutorials in breathing science.

During her tenure at Behavioral Physiology Institute, she co-authored “CapnoLearning®” with Dr. Peter M. Litchfield, a curriculum offered worldwide for professionals interested in helping people with dysfunctional breathing habits. Her specialties include biological learning as applied to breathing behavior, breathing awareness training and phenomenological exploration, educational capnography, breathing for stress reduction and optimal performance, embracement physiology, and customizing breathing education for both professionals and clients.