Tuition per course credit unit: $600.00
Tuition per proseminar unit: $800.00

All Professional School programs require a deposit at the time of registration.   The balance will be automatically charged to your credit card in full, two to five days in advance of your first program session.  In some cases, there may be an option for installment payments during the trimester.


The following tuition refund policy apply to all Professional School offerings including Certificate, Proseminar, Certification, Diploma, and individual course offerings:

1. Registration cancellation means withdrawing from a specific course, not an entire program. Registrants must withdraw from each course independently.

2. Tuition is refunded 100% if the registrant sends an email to three working days or more before the scheduled start date of a specific course offering. There is otherwise no refund for course withdrawal.

3. The email regarding withdrawal should include the number and name of ALL courses from which the registrant wishes to withdraw.  If the course is nor specifically listed in the email, the student will remain registered.

4. Refunds are payable within 15 working days of the official date of withdrawal.

5. The withdrawal date is defined by the date of an email notification sent to by the registrant; the School will determine whether or not proper notification was provided.  Telephone messages or text messages will NOT be accepted as notifications. If the School does not receive a notification as described above, the registrant will be ineligible for a refund.

EXAMPLE: A student registers for the Certification Program, Certified Breathing Behavior Analyst. The student decides not to pursue certification, but fails to inform the Professional School three days in advance of the first course in the sequence, 301 Respiratory Psychophysiology, but does so for the remaining courses. Tuition would be refunded 100% for courses 404, 405, and proseminar 611, but no refund would be issued for the first course in the sequence, 301.


The School currently provides a limited number of direct grant scholarships based on a combination of need, prior work experience, and demonstrated interest in the field of breathing sciences.  Once a student has been admitted to a Professional School program, application for a scholarship can be made by sending an email to  The School will then provide the student with an Scholarship Application Form.