Students may attend part-time or full time.
Part-time students must register for a minimum of two units per trimester except by permission of the Dean.  For timely completion of the program, The School recommends not less than four units per trimester.

● Students attending full time take 12 units per trimester to complete the degree in one year.
● Students attending half time take six units per trimester to complete the degree in two years.
● Students taking a minimum of four units per trimester complete the degree in three years.

Tuition per unit: $500.00
Full time: $6,000.00 per trimester
Half time: $3,000.00 per trimester

Total tuition: $18,000.00 ($500 X 36 units)

Upon admission, students are expected to make a 25 percent deposit of the total tuition for the first trimester within 15 days of admission.  The balance is due the week before classes begin each trimester. Subsequent tuition payments are also due the week before classes begin each trimester.

Students enrolled on a full time basis may apply to the School’s Financial Aid Office to pay tuition in four equal installments of $1,575.00 due at the beginning of each month in the trimester. All part-time students must pay in full prior to the week before classes begin each trimester..


Tuition is fully refunded if registration is canceled at least 15 days in advance of the New Student Orientation date for each trimester. Tuition is 75 percent refunded if cancellation is Tuition is 75 percent refunded for specific courses and proseminars that have not yet begun scheduled classes. There is no refund for specific courses and proseminars after the first day of instruction.

Refund policies are established in accordance with federal and state regulations and are subject to change at any time as those regulations change.

Refunds will be made only after proper withdrawal forms, available from the Registrar’s Office, have been submitted. Failure to properly notify the Registrar renders the student ineligible for any refund.  Refund amounts are determined from the date of official withdrawal or approved leave of absence. Students who withdraw unofficially or at the request of the School are not entitled to refunds.

Refunds are payable thirty days after the official date of withdrawal. Students dropped or suspended from the Graduate School are not eligible for refunds.



The School currently provides a limited number of direct grant scholarships and student loans based on a combination of need, prior work experience, and demonstrated interest in the field of breathing sciences. Once a student has been admitted to the School, application for a scholarship grant or loan is made in the form of an email letter sent directly to the Director of Financial Aid.

The interest rate on student loans is a variable rate established by the Board of Trustees and does not begin to accrue until six months after graduation for students who maintain a minimum of 6 units per trimester.