Proseminars are intensive interactive practicums where colleagues share their professional experience in a webinar environment by making formal presentations to and providing feedback for their colleagues.  Proseminars are coordinated and guided by highly experienced professionals with documented backgrounds specific to the objectives of any given Proseminar.

Breathing Case Analysis, Review and Practicum
Proseminars 611 and 612 (3 units each)

Professionals who are already certified as Breathing Behavior Analysts, or who have completed the Breathing Science Certificate preparing to become certified, are eligible to participate in 611 and 612 Proseminars which are  intensive hands-on practicum programs where they demonstrate and document their competence and proficiency in breathing behavior analysis and breathing behavior modification.

Program Description
Proseminars 611 and 612 consist of nine 5-hour webinar sessions (45 CE hours, three credit units) where colleagues present four cases of their own while also submitting Practicum Case Reports to be reviewed by the Professional School Practicum Coordinator.

Program Objectives
Participants learn first-hand from the Professional School Practicum Faculty, and from interacting with colleagues attending the Proseminar, how to sharpen their breathing habit assessment and behavior modification skills. Specific cases presented by participating professionals are reviewed in detail, including histories, checklists, behavioral reports, physiology reports, homework assignments, data analysis, video recordings, learning plans, and assessment and learning session summaries.

Program Completion Requirements
Participants complete four breathing habit assessment sessions and eight breathing learning sessions (two hours per session), four of which are presented during the Proseminar for review and analysis. A detailed analysis of each session is completed by using the forms provided by the Practicum Faculty and then submitted on the Professional School e-campus website. Attendance and active participation with colleagues are the centerpiece of the Proseminars.  Live attendance is required.  Two 2-hour tutorials are provided for each student with Practicum Faculty to review the materials submitted.

Writing a Business Plan
Proseminar 615 (2 units)

Students design, write, and present business plans for introducing and integrating behavioral learning services into their businesses and practices.  Professionals who are starting new businesses, have existing businesses or professional practices, or who are already students are eligible for registration in this Proseminar. 

Students will develop a working business plan tailored to the services offered to their clients – either existing or prospective. Each of the major components of creative business planning will be reviewed and discussed, including goals and objectives, legal structure, tax and regulatory issues, a description of services provided and their evolution over time, pricing, an initial marketing concept supported by market research and competitive analysis, financial requirements, and if appropriate, a financial plan complete with operating budget, cash flow, and income projections. Students will learn which aspects of their business plans are most important to specific audiences, and how to continuously update their plans based on changing circumstances. The feedback and contributions from student colleagues will be an invaluable part of the learning process.