Nevsah F Karamehmet is a distinguished and highly respected international leader in the field of breath coaching, who brings together breathing science with breathing practice for enhancing physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. She teaches breathing science worldwide helping people to bring evidence-based science into their breathing practices.

She is the founder and President of the Breath Coaching Federation, a faculty member of the Professional School of Behavioral Health Sciences, the national representative in Turkey of the International Breathwork Foundation, founder and President of the Nevsah in Turkey, consultant to Better Physiology, Ltd., a best-selling author, and a recipient of numerous awards for her work on consciousness and breathing.

She established breath coaching as a profession in Turkey, trained thousands of people from around the world in the practice of breath coaching, and during the past 20 years has inspired both professional and lay audiences in her lectures, workshops, seminars, and private tutorials to help people improve health and performance based on their breathing practices.

Ms. Karamehmet graduated from the Yildiz Technical University (Turkey) with a B.Sc. in Architecture, (1992); earned professional practice certificates in yoga, meditation, and related practices (2002-2014) in India, Europe and the United States; and became Certified as a Breathing Behavior Analyst at the Professional School of Behavioral Health Sciences (2017).