The Professional School offers individual courses, proseminars, professional certificate programs, certifications, and professional diploma programs on a trimester basis, that is, three 15-week time frames per year.   One unit of credit is 15 hours of live attendance in a course or proseminar.

Most courses are held on weekends. Most courses are one or two credit unit courses, 15 hours of live class-time per credit unit.  Most courses are divided into two 1-day sessions that are held on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Each of the two 1-day sessions is 7.5 hours, with a scheduled one-hour break along with other short unscheduled breaks held at the discretion of faculty.

Proseminars are three credit units and are usually scheduled as five-hour sessions distributed throughout a trimester on either weekdays or weekends.  Students share their practicum assignments with their colleagues during these sessions.

Some courses and all Proseminars have prerequisites or concurrent requirements as shown below.

Course Sequences

All PROFESSIONAL DIPLOMA students must have completed the Certification program, Certified Breathing Behavior Analyst, before entering the Diploma program.

Course and Proseminar Prerequisites

404 Breathing Habit Assessment:  301
405 Breathing Habit Modification:  301, 404
611, 612 Case Analysis, Review, and Practicum:  301, 404, 405

Program Prerequisites

Proseminar programs (611 and 612): 301, 404, and 405 (Professional Certificate courses)
Diploma, Breathing Behavior Science: Certification Program, Certified Breathing Behavior Analyst