Diploma, Certification, and Certificate programs

Making an application for enrollment in all of our programs is straightforward. Once you have made a decision to apply, go to our registration page at and select Diploma Programs, Certificate Programs, Courses & Workshops, Proseminars, or Lectures.  Then, select REGISTER on the specific program. During the registration process you will be required to complete the online application.

If you have previously registered for one of our programs or courses, you already have a user name (your email address), and a password.  If you have forgotten your password click on FORGOT PASSWORD.  Once you have logged in, click on REGISTRATION at the top of your student e-campus page. While registering you will be asked to update your profile information as needed.

NOTE: To apply for enrollment in the Professional Diploma program in Applied Breathing Sciences, you must earn a grade of A in the Proseminar, Breathing Case Analysis, Review, and Practicum.  If you meet this requirement you will automatically qualify for admission into the Professional Diploma program.  College transcripts and copies of relevant licenses and certifications will need to be uploaded to your e-campus document folder.