Course grades are awarded as letter grades, along with points that are used for calculating grade point averages, as follows:

A+ (Honors, 4.5 points)
A, A- (4 points)
B+, B, (3 points)
(2.5 points)

NC (no credit)
F (if NC is not completed within one additional trimester)

NC grades are granted at the discretion of the faculty responsible for a course. Students have one trimester to replace an NC grade with A or B. If not, the NC will automatically convert to F.

Please read the following:

  • The instructor determines the student‘s final course grade.
  • Course grades are posted on student transcripts immediately upon submission by faculty, rather than only at the end of a trimester. This means that grades are posted throughout the trimester.
  • Faculty members may assign at their discretion a grade of NC to any student who does less than B- work, misses an examination, fails to turn in an assignment, or does not complete the presentation requirements in a Proseminar. NC grades are typically submitted at the end of the trimester.
  • A grade of NC is replaced with an A or a B and posted to the transcript by faculty once a student has successfully completed course requirements, but not beyond one trimester thereafter.
  • Grades of NC are NOT used in calculating grade point averages. It simply means “no credit,” regardless the reason; NC is not treated as a “failing” grade.
  • Official grade reports are sent to students by email.
  • Only the final grade is recorded on the transcript record.
  • Appeals for grade changes must be filed within 30 calendar days of the issuance of a grade and must be submitted to either the Division Director or School President.