Course grades are awarded as letter grades, along with points that are used for calculating grade point averages, as follows:

A:  Honors (4 points)

B:  Pass (3 points)

  • The instructor determines the student‘s final course grade.
  • Course grades are posted on student transcripts immediately upon submission by faculty, rather than only at the end of a trimester. This means that grades are posted throughout the trimester.
  • Faculty assign a grade of NC (no credit) to any student who does less than B work, misses an examination, fails to turn in an assignment, or does not complete the presentation requirements in a Proseminar course. NC grades are typically submitted after the end of the posted examination period.
  • A grade of NC is replaced with an A or a B and posted to the transcript by faculty once a student has successfully completed course requirements.
  • Grades of NC are NOT used in calculating grade point averages. It simply means “no credit,” regardless of the reason, and is not treated as a “failing” grade.
  • Official grade reports are sent to students by email (does the instructor do this or is it automatic by the system?) or through their e-campus message account.
  • Only the final grade is recorded on the transcript record.
  • Appeals for grade changes must be filed within 30 calendar days of the issuance of grades and must be done in accordance with the School’s grievance procedures (do we have one? Let’s link to it.).