The Professional School provides all students with an e-campus account, the Professional School’s proprietary web platform, where all students can access a wide range of course materials, including videos, articles, forms, slides, syllabus, exams, objectives, assignments, and course recordings.

The Professional School Kindle Library provides students with course textbooks, which may be signed out and returned as needed from their own computers and devices.

Students may access the vast research literature database at PubMed and the APA  (American Psychological Association) PsyNet. database to which they may subscribe.

Faculty and Academic Consultation

Course consultation: Faculty members are available for group discussion sessions on Zoom by appointment and by scheduled meeting with small groups of students.

Program consultation: Students may make appointments with the Director of Education, or a representative, on an as needed basis.  Also, the Director’s office may request a personal meeting to discuss performance, participation, or professional certificate, certification, and diploma completion issues.

Advisory consultation: Appointments with faculty may be made at any time, at the discretion of the faculty member, either through the e-campus messaging system or directly by personal email.  On request, the Director of Education will assign a faculty advisor most appropriate to your unique background, professional requirements, and academic needs.

Financial Aid Services

The Professional School offers scholarships based on individual financial needs.  You may request a Scholarship Application by emailing the Director of Education at sr@bp.edu.   You may also set up an appointment with the Director to discuss your special needs and the possible customized options we may be able to offer you.

Business and Career Counseling

The Professional School offers career business and counseling planning assistance on an hourly fee basis.  Although most students are self-employed or employed as practitioners within their own professions when they enter our programs, we recognize that personal circumstances change.  Both faculty and administrative staff are available to review career choices, advise on resumes, and critique business plans.  Our Proseminar, 615 Writing a Business Plan Business, also provides direct opportunities for innovating and developing business strategies.

Administrative Consultation

Students have ready access to School administrators and may make appointments as needed with the following School officers:

Peter M. Litchfield, Ph.D.

Vice President, Financial Services
Denise Campbell, BS, PT, OCS, DIP. MDT, FAAOMPT

Director of Education
Sandra Reamer, MS, MFA, CBBA, CBBP, CSOM, CST

Director, Student Services
Sandra Reamer, MS, MFA, CBBA, CBBP, CSOM, CST

Director, Behavioral Dental Services
Robert N. Grove, Ph.D.

Director, Behavioral Physiotherapy Sciences
Denise Campbell, BS, PT, OCS, DIP. MDT, FAAOMPT

Director, Breathing Sciences
Maria Katsamanis, PsyD.