121  Anatomy and Physiology of the Craniofacial Complex

Functional anatomy and physiology of the face, head and neck, teeth, jaws and whole body postural structure – ascending-descending issues; explanation of various forms of malocclusion and description of range of orthodontic procedures used in rectification.


122  Craniofacial and Orofacial Myofunctional Development

Orofacial myology as it relates to epigenetic and birth trauma complications, including tethered oral tissues and retained neonatal reflexes; syndromes and issues related to childhood development and implications for adults; digit sucking and other noxious habits – cause and rectification/remediation; Coulson Method of Orofacial Myology – early childhood through later in life.


123  Craniofacial and Body Posture, Habit Correction and
         Business Practice Management

Issues of the head, neck and jaw for TMJD, snoring, and sleep apnea. The effects of oral dysfunction on sleep, energy, stamina, and overall personal performance and wellness. We will discuss business principles and marketing strategies for developing a viable practice and its function within the dental and medical communities.


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