611 Case Analysis, Review, and Practicum (3 credit units)

Students participate in an intensive hands-on practicum where they demonstrate and document their competence and proficiency in breathing behavior analysis and breathing behavior modification.  They learn first-hand from the Professional School Practicum Faculty, and from interacting with colleagues attending the Proseminar, how to sharpen their breathing habit analysis and behavior modification skills. Specific cases presented by participating professionals are reviewed in detail, including histories, checklists, behavioral reports, physiology reports, homework assignments, data analysis, video recordings, learning plans, and assessment and learning session summaries.

Students complete four breathing habit assessment sessions and eight breathing learning sessions (two hours per session), four of which are presented during the Proseminar for review and analysis. A detailed analysis of each session is completed by using the forms provided by the Practicum Faculty and then submitted on the Professional School e-campus website. Attendance and active participation with colleagues are required.  Two 2-hour tutorials are provided for each student with Practicum Faculty to review the materials submitted.