e-campus WEB SITE    (login)

The Graduate School provides students, faculty, and staff with its own proprietary and secure e-campus website, designed and developed by our own programming team.  Students and faculty login to their own personal page for the following kinds of services:

Registration and payment:
Degree and certificate students register online for their specific courses and pay tuition directly via credit card, PayPal, or direct transfer.  Professionals signing up for continuing education also register here.

Students and faculty can read general announcements, receive/send private or group messages, download video files and other documents including assignments posted by faculty, review previous course recordings, edit profile information, see grades, access FAQs, participate in the School Forum, access our Journal Library, and enter our live WebEx webinar platform. FAQ materials include such materials as: using e-campus, accessing our Kindle Library, WebEx webinar features, audio trouble-shooting, Internet challenges, equipment requirements, graduation requirements, grading policies, and many others.

Students can download the syllabus, assignments, objectives, supplemental files, and videos for each course.  They can also read course announcements, upload assignments, edit and submit exams, review graded examinations, and receive messages from faculty members.

Faculty members can upload the syllabus, assignments, supplemental materials, and video files. They can post announcements, send and receive messages from students; create, distribute, collect, grade, and return examinations; and assign and post course grades.

Profiles, transcripts, rosters, and grades:
Students may create and update their individual profile records where they can edit their addresses, phone numbers, emails, Skype names, and other personal data. They may view their own transcript record and see the courses completed, grades received, incompletes assigned, and the degree requirements yet to be completed.

Faculty can also edit their own profile records.  They are able to view student rosters for any of their courses and then enter grades for assignments or projects, document attendance information, assign grades for final exams and for the entire course.  Final grades are then posted to each student’s transcript.