Participation in the MS degree program and all certificate programs requires that students have available the proper equipment, instrumentation, supplies, and Internet capability to do their work, as follows:


High Speed Internet service
(minimum upload: 1 megabit per second; minimum download: 2 megabits per second)


PC laptop or desktop
with dual core mother board, high resolution graphics card, high capacity audio card
To be used both for webinar classes and physiological monitoring

Monitor, widescreen, at least 23 inches, at least 1024 X 1280 resolution
Essential for webinar participation (should be separate from laptop computer)

USB wireless headset (usable while recharging on computer)
WebCam HD video camera, 720p or better, wide angle
Follow this link for a variety of products recommended by other students and the Graduate School that can be ordered from Amazon.

Back-up keyboard and mouse
Back-up USB headset

The headset and WebCam are extremely important for you and your fellow students.
Do NOT plan to use the speakers, microphone, or camera in your laptop or desktop or in the webcam.

To obtain the best results from our webinars, everyone must be able to see and hear everyone else clearly.  Built-in speakers and microphones are prone to capturing external noise and producing electronic feedback often not detected by the user.  Out of respect for your colleagues and faculty, please follow the headset and webcam requirements.


Microsoft Word (2003, 2010, 2013, 2016 or 365) or Google Docs
Microsoft Power Point (2003, 2010, 2013, 2016, or 365) or Google Slides
Adobe Reader (latest version)
Adobe Acrobat (version 11.0 or later, or Adobe Cloud access)
Screen capture software, e.g., Snagit or Snipping Tool


For MS degree program:
Pulse oximeter
Capnograph (capnometer)
Supplies for instrumentation

For CBBA Certification program:
Capnograph (capnometer)

For COMS Certification program:
No special equipment; a supplies list will be available at the first session.