Participation in Certificate, Proseminar, Certification, and Diploma programs requires that students have available the proper equipment, instrumentation, supplies, and Internet capability to do their work, as follows:


High-Speed Internet service
Minimum upload: 5 megabit per second
Minimum download: 10 megabits per second

Good upload and download speeds will reduce or eliminate problems with garbled audio, slow video frame rates, frozen video, and session bump out. It is the student’s responsibility to subscribe to arrange for optimal Internet speed capabilities. Slow internet connections mean a less than optimal experience while also making it more difficult for everyone else in a class session.

Computers and Accessories

PC or Apple MAC computer with at least 8 GB of RAM and high speed processor

Monitor: widescreen, 23 inches, with at least 1024 X 1280 resolution
A separate 2nd monitor is highly recommended, especially for laptop users.

Headset: USB-based wireless headset
Webcam: HD video camera, 720p or better, wide angle
Back-up: keyboard and mouse

The quality of your headset and Webcam are extremely important. To obtain the best results from our webinars, everyone must be able to see and hear everyone else clearly. Built-in speakers and microphones are prone to capturing external noise and producing electronic feedback often not detected by the user.

Wireless USB headsets are commended. They make it possible to move around comfortably while listening or speaking during sessions. This reduces stress and allows freedom to stretch, stand up, and find things that may be needed during a presentation.


Microsoft Word (365 recommended)
Microsoft Power Point (365 recommended)
Adobe Reader (latest version)

Instrumentation is required for participation in many Professional School programs, and may include::

Pulse oximeter