The specific criteria for admission to the Professional Diploma, Certificate & Certification, Proseminar Practicum, and Professional Workshop programs are described below.

Application is accomplished at the time of registration.  Documentation can be uploaded during the application process, or can be done so at after registration has been completed.  The documentation should initially include a detailed resume (CV) followed up by college (university) transcripts when they are available.  If you are concerned about whether you meet the admission requirements email us at before your decide to register.


Webinar Professional Diploma Programs

  • Educational Credentials: B.A., B.S., or higher in a relevant profession, or equivalent
  • Specific Education: Prior completion of Certificate and/or certification offered by the School
  • Professional Experience: Two years full time experience in related field, within the past five years

Webinar Certificate Programs and Certification

  • Educational credentials: B.A., B.S., or AA degree in a relevant profession, e.g., nursing
  • Specific Education: Basic university-level chemistry, biology, and psychology (or equivalent)
  • Professional Experience: one year recent experience in a related field, within the past three years

Webinar Proseminar Practicums

  • Specific Education: Completion of a Certificate program offered by the School

Webinar Professional Workshops 

  • Educational credentials: AA degree or higher in a relevant profession, e.g., nursing
  • Professional Experience: one year recent experience in a related field, within the past three years


  • Any interested persons are admiited.

NOTE: Contact regarding equivalency alternatives.


Applicants are expected to demonstrate that they have:

  • professional backgrounds essential to making effective use of the curriculum
  • learning competence to be successful in completing the coursework
  • access to a professional environment for meeting practicum requirements
  • time and motivation required for completing the required courses and assignments
  • realistic likelihood of making behavioral learning services a business success
  • financial resources adequate to complete the program

Applicants should be able to answer “yes” to the following questions:

  • Can I integrate applied behavioral sciences into my current work as a professional?
  • Can I establish a successful business offering behavioral learning services to clients?
  • Can I find support from others for meeting my professional objectives?