The Professional School of Behavioral Health Sciences seeks to guide colleague professionals to:

  • learn a new practice paradigm where physiology is understood as behavior in professional practice;
  • introduce client-centered services where professionals and clients work together in partnership;
  • assess dysfunctional physiology based on the principles of behavior analysis;
  • implement behavioral solutions to resolving dysfunctional habits embedded in physiology;
  • teach self-regulation learning skills to clients with dysfunctional physiological habits;
  • improve the quality and delivery of new and ongoing multidisciplinary services offered to clients;
  • educate the public about physiology as a learning system and its implications for health and performance;
  • prevail upon relevant professions to include behavioral learning services within the scope of their practices;
  • establish sound business economics for the provision of physiological learning services to clients; and
  • encourage use of validation methods for improving business practices that better serve clients, colleagues, and the community.