Practical Integration of Behavioral Science with Physiology

Experienced healthcare practitioners, human service professionals, and performance consultants from around the world learn by live-interactive webinar to expand their existing practices or to begin new ones by integrating behavioral analysis, applied psychophysiology, and technology in practical and innovative ways for identifying and overcoming dysfunctional habits that profoundly disturb physiology, health, and performance in their clients and people everywhere.


Webinar Degree Programs

Master of Science in Applied Breathing Sciences
Most forms of dysfunctional breathing are breathing habits, not medical conditions, that compromise health and performance. Most degree options, however, address medical applications where emphasis is on organic disorders, treatment protocols, drugs, and medical technology. We, however, offer the only degree program of its kind, an MS program that brings together respiratory physiology with behavioral science, enabling practitioners to address dysfunctional breathing as a behavioral issue that can be effectively and responsibly addressed by practitioners from a wide range of disciplines.

Bring breathing science into your practice.
Are you interested in bringing breathing science into your professional practice? Are you interested in a career in breathing science? If so, then consider the following possible benefits: Become an expert in breathing sciences. Learn important new skills. Add expertise to your credentials. Improve outcomes for your clients. Improve your professional profile. Add new services to your existing practice. Attract new clients to your business. Bring new services to your employer. Establish a new business.


Webinar Certification Programs 

Certified Breathing Behavior Analyst
Statistics suggest that tens of millions of people worldwide suffer with the profound and misunderstood symptoms and deficits of learned dysfunctional breathing habits. Unfortunately, these habits are rarely identified by practitioners, their effects mistakenly attributed to other causes, and their resolutions prescriptive in nature where focus is on symptoms rather than on causes. WE OFFER A SOLUTION. We offer a 125-hour certification program that qualifies practitioners from a wide range of professions to integrate breathing learning services into their practices and businesses.

Certified Orofacial Myology Specialist
Western diet and lifestyle have a profound effect on the growth and development of the face, lips, tongue, jaw, swallow, dentofacial, and orofacial muscle patterns. An estimated eight out of every 10 children exhibit learned dysfunctional patterns. If these anomalies are not addressed early in life, these patterns eventually turn into chronic health issues. WE OFFER A SOLUTION. We offer a 125-hour certification program that qualifies dentists, orthodontists, manual therapists, dental hygienists, speech therapists, and physiotherapists to integrate orofacial myology into their practices.


Webinar Professional Education

We offer live-interactive webinar proseminars, courses, and workshops for professional continuing education credit. These events focus on practical applications of the integration of behavioral science with physiology, e.g., trauma, sleep, breathing, and muscle function.

Meet top experts.
You meet top experts in their fields from around the world.  They share their materials and work environment, and perform live demonstrations with clients right from their own offices. Get to know the faculty and your colleagues while interactively presenting your own materials, cases, comments, clients, and even your own live physiology! You learn from your colleagues and they learn from you. Learn from others who represent diverse professions, cultures, professional challenges, and ideas.

Cut costs radically. Get highest quality education.
Live, interactive on-line education means cutting major expenses and saving immense amounts of time: no travel costs, no housing costs, no transportation time, minimal disruption in your practice, minimal time away from your family. This means cutting the cost of education radically while improving the quality of its delivery significantly.