The Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences provides live-interactive webinar-based  professional education, certification, and degree programs for experienced healthcare practitioners, human service professionals, and performance consultants from around the world.  These post-graduate offerings help professionals in these fields to expand their existing practices or to begin new ones by integrating behavior analysis, applied psychophysiology, and new technology in practical and innovative ways for identifying and overcoming dysfunctional habits that profoundly disturb physiology, health, and performance in their clients and people everywhere.  The Graduate School offers:

Webinar Degree Programs

            Master of Science in Applied Breathing Sciences

Webinar Certification Programs

            Certified Breathing Behavior Analyst

            Certified Specialist in Orofacial Myology

Webinar Professional Education

         Qualified colleagues may enroll in or audit most of our courses. Lectures and other special events are offered from time to the professional public.