Students earn one unit of academic credit for every 50 hours of practicum experience.  All practicums are completed in students’ own professional settings.  Practicums are always taken in conjunction with its associated Proseminar, e.g., 701 with 601, or 721 with 621.

701, 702, 703 Service Practicum (1 unit each, 3 units total)

All assessment and training session data submitted must be for clients who have dysfunctional breathing habits.  Records and forms for clients without dysfunctional breathing habits will not be accepted.

 All forms are fill-in PDF files.  Please use your keyboard to complete them.

Assessments Sessions (10 hours):

ONE 2-hour assessment session
With FIVE different clients for a total of TEN hours
(who have demonstrated the presence of a dysfunctional breathing habit)

For ONE of the five assessment sessions, submit six “fill-in” PDF forms fully completed, AND a screen shot of the data record (from the CapnoTrainer “Manage Data” option).

– Interview Questionnaire,
– Interview Checklist,
– Behavior Report,
– Physiology Report,
– Guided Breathing Record,
– Assessment Record

For FOUR of the five assessment sessions, submit one “fill-in” PDF form only for each client:
Assessment Record (AND a screen shot of the data record)

Training (Learning) Sessions (40 hours):

A minimum of three 2-hour learning sessions per client
(previously assessed and demonstrated to have a dysfunctional breathing habit)
With a minimum of four different clients for a total of at least 40 hours

For ONE training session with one client, submit the following four “fill-in” PDF forms fully completed.
AND a screen shot of the data record (from the CapnoTrainer “Manage Data” option).
Homework Record,
– Learning Plan,
– Learning Session Record,
– Guided Breathing Record

For ALL OTHER TRAINING SESSIONS with all clients, submit only one “fill-in” PDF form per session:
Learning Session Record (AND a screen shot of the data record)

Required instrumentation for completing these sessions includes capnography (PetCO2), electromyography (EMG), oximetry (SaO2), and heart rate variability (HRV). Students are required to record data during client sessions and to present the data during Case Review sessions.


704 Independent Study Service Practicum (1 unit, 50 hours)

The Independent Study Practicum is taken in conjunction with the 604 Independent Study Proseminar, Case Analysis & Review, and entails completion of a specified number of habit analysis sessions, all of which include written reports (as per the forms assigned), and some of which are presented during the 604 Case Review Proseminar.


705 Business Practicum (2 units, 100 hours)

The 100-hour Business Plan Practicum includes completion of (1) a market survey of prospective clients using traditional market research methods, (2) a client feedback survey to be administered to at least ten breathing service clients or prospects, (3) an initial draft of marketing materials directed to the student’s already existing customer base, and (4) a comprehensive business plan that brings together the practical elements of the degree program with the realities of professional practice.

Students will also complete an online interview form regarding their practicum experience and its business and marketing implications.  Are they effectively providing valuable services to their existing client base?  And, are they effectively communicating to colleagues and to the public regarding their new services? Progress is reviewed by faculty and colleague-students during the 605 Business Plan Review Proseminar.