Most lecture courses are held on weekends. All lecture courses are one-unit courses for 15 class-time hours. Most courses are divided into two 1-day sessions that are held on two Saturdays OR on two Sundays. Each of the two 1-day sessions is 7.5 hours, with a scheduled one-hour break along with other short unscheduled breaks held at the discretion of faculty.

Proseminars, except 603,  are usually scheduled as three hour sessions distributed throughout a trimester on weekdays and are always taken in conjunction with a Practicum. Practicums are completed by students in their own professional settings.

Students may take as few as one unit per trimester up to a maximum of 12 units, based on their own professional work schedules. Some Courses and all Proseminars and Practicums have prerequisites or concurrent requirements as shown below.

Course Sequences

During their first trimester all students whether full time or part-time are required to take concurrently 301 Respiratory Psychophysiology, 302 Behavioral Physiology, 404 Breathing Habit Assessment, and 405 Breathing Habit Modification.

Course Prerequisites

The following Courses have prerequisites as indicated below:

  • 307 Behavior Therapy – Prerequisite: 303 or 304
  • 404 Breathing Habit Assessment – Prerequisite: 301
  • 405 Breathing Habit Modification – Prerequisite: 301, 404
  • 502 Market Planning – Prerequisite: 501

Proseminars & Practicum Prerequisites

The following Proseminars, and Practicums have prerequisites as indicated below:

  • 601, 602, 603 Proseminars – Prerequisite: 301, 302, 404, 405
  • 701, 702, 703 Practicums: concurrent with 600 Series
  • 604 Business Plan Review – Prerequisite: 501 & 502
  • 704 Business Practicum: concurrent with 604

Taking Courses Concurrently

Courses that require prerequisites may often be taken in the same trimester that their prerequisites are being completed. Whenever possible prerequisites are scheduled earlier in a trimester. For example, 301, 302, 404, and 405 are scheduled early in the trimester so that Proseminars and Practicums such as 601 and 701 can be completed in the same trimester.