The Series 600 Proseminars include six units of Case Analysis & Review (601, 602, and 603), plus an optional unit of Independent Study (604), and one unit of Business Plan Review (605). Enrollment in Proseminars is restricted to a maximum of 10 students. Case Review Proseminars are generally scheduled as three hour sessions on weekdays.  The Business Plan Proseminar sessions are scheduled on weekends.

Proseminars must be taken concurrently with Practicums during which time students share their practicum work with faculty and colleague-students for feedback and guidance.

601 Case Analysis & Review I (2 units)

602 Case Analysis & Review II (2 units)

603 Case Analysis & Review III  (2 units)

604 Independent Study – Case Analysis & Review (1 unit)

Each student is expected to present a minimum of three cases during sessions of Case Analysis & Review (601, 602, and 603), or as specified by the Practicum Supervisor. Prerequisites: 301, 404, 405. Concurrent: series 700 Practicums.

Students will be expected to present data for at least one habit assessment case, a comprehensive behavior analysis, based on the Interview Questionnaire, the Interview Checklist, the Interview Behavior Report, the Interview Physiology Report, and the Assessment Practicum Record.

Students will be expected to present data for at least one habit modification case based on the Learning Plan Form, the Session Record Form, the Homework Assignment Form, the Client Learning Form, and physiological data collected by clients.

605 Business Plan Review (1 unit)

The business plans and marketing materials previously prepared by students while taking the business courses (501 and 502), along with any interim results concerning the implementation of their plans, will be circulated among colleague students. Each student will have the opportunity to present the details of their plan, to answer questions, and to obtain feedback from the Proseminar leader and colleague students. In subsequent sessions, students will discuss the ongoing results of the implementation of their plans, along with proposed revisions based on peer feedback, client feedback, and economic outcomes. Prerequisites: 501 and 502. Concurrent: 705 Practicum.

621 Orofacial Myology Case Analysis & Review (2 units)

Seven 4-hour sessions and one 2-hour session over the last 10 weeks of the program.  Students will present at least three of the cases prepared during the 721 Practicum sessions with clients.