Scott B. Sonnon, MS serves as Chief Scientist of the Human Performance Analytics Center of Excellence for the US Department of Energy, and volunteers his expertise in high performance and breathing science as a faculty member for the Professional School of Behavioral Health Sciences where he teaches Physical Performance and Breathing Behavioral Analysis. He holds a Masters of Science with honors in Applied Breathing Sciences from the Graduate School of Behavioral Health Science, and was certified as a Behavioral Biofeedback Practitioner and a Breathing Behavior Analyst in 2019.

A lifetime athlete, he served on the US National Team in wrestling in the 1990s, became the US National Wrestling Coach, and won silver and gold medal at World University Games, Pan-American Games and World Games in wrestling, jiujitsu and MMA. In 2001 he earned the xUSSR’s highest athletic distinction as Master of Sport and was the first American to earn a Diploma of Specialist in the xUSSR’s formerly classified form of Applied Stress Psychophysiology. In laboratory – academia teaming, he currently conducts research trials and machine learning data analysis with Brigham Young University, University of Nevada and Cornell University in applied breathing sciences for military special operations, federal law enforcement and critical emergency response.