The Graduate School of Breathing Sciences seeks to:

  • provide a comprehensive overview of the practical issues involved
    in dysfunctional breathing;
  • teach responsible solutions to dysfunctional breathing through integration
    of relevant applied sciences;
  • train professionals how to teach self-regulation learning skills to clients
    with dysfunctional breathing;
  • teach self-assessment methods for ongoing improvement of the quality and delivery
    of learning services to clients;
  • educate the public, through its student-colleagues, about dysfunctional breathing
    and its effects;
  • guide professionals in establishing sound business economics for the provision
    of learning services;
  • prevail upon relevant professions to include breathing learning services within the
    scope of their practices;
  • encourage regular use of validation methods for improving business practices that
    better serve clients, colleagues, and the community based on client feedback,
    changing economic conditions, and evolving technologies.