The School of Breathing Sciences offers Certificate programs both to its own students and to students of affiliated graduate schools for academic credit. Students enrolled in the MS degree program in Applied Breathing Sciences automatically earn two Certificates – the Certified Breathing Behavior Analyst and the Behavioral Biofeedback Certificate.

The School offers its Certificate programs and many of its MS degree courses to qualified colleagues for professional continuing education (CE) credit. Fifteen hours of CE credit are awarded for each unit of academic credit (for courses and proseminars). Colleagues who earn CE credits may apply these units toward the MS degree in Applied Breathing Sciences should they subsequently decide to apply and be admitted to the MS degree program.

State licensing boards, professional societies, and insurance companies dictate the acceptance criteria of Graduate School CE hours for meeting their standards and/or fulfilling their requirements. It is the responsibility of the registrant to confirm CE acceptance by the appropriate entity. Most professional societies and state agencies do grant CE credit for courses that are part of related degree programs.

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