Enrollment acknowledges all conditions, rules, and regulations and shall be deemed as acceptance thereof.

Students are not entitled to receive recommendations, degrees, honors, or transcripts of credit unless all accounts are current (including outstanding loans).

At the discretion of the Governing Board of the School, all charges and fees are subject to change on a 30-day notice as evidenced by a change of policy on the School’s official web site.

In the event of default in the payment of any amount due, and if the account is placed in the hands of an agency or attorney for collection or legal action, the student agrees to pay an additional charge equal to the cost of collection including agency and attorney fees and court costs.

A “Previous Term Billing Charge” in the amount of one percent per month will be added to all student accounts that are delinquent from any previous trimester.

This description represents the entire understanding between the School and the student regarding tuition, refunds, and financial policies and that no written or oral agreement, assumption, or other statement will, in any manner, alter the provisions unless mutually agreed upon in a writing signed by the School and the student.



A student who desires to withdraw from the School must submit an official notification to the Dean of Faculty and complete an exit interview with the Dean. A grade of “NC” will be assigned to all pending courses, and such courses will not be used in computing a grade point average. See the Tuition section for financial information and for the policy on refunds. Students that are administratively withdrawn or suspended are not eligible for refunds.

Leave of Absence:

A student who needs or desires to take a leave of absence from the School must submit a written request to the Dean of Faculty indicating the reason for the leave. Leaves are normally granted for a trimester but in no case for more than one calendar year. Leaves may be granted at any time. See the Tuition section of this Catalog for financial information and for the policy on refunds. During a student’s leave of absence, the School maintains all official records on an active basis. Students returning from an approved leave of absence of one year or less are not required to be formally readmitted. Students will be expected to fulfill the degree requirements that were in effect at the date of their original enrollment. Students who do not return from a leave of absence within one year are withdrawn from the School. To return they must be formally readmitted.

Late Withdrawal for Medical Reasons

A student may request and be considered for a Late Medical Withdrawal when extraordinary circumstances, such as serious illness or injury, prevent a student from continuing classes. This policy covers both physical and mental health difficulties. All requests for withdrawal require thorough, credible, and timely documentation, received within a reasonable time, usually no more than 30 days after the end of the trimester for which the withdrawal is being requested.

The Dean of Faculty determines the appropriateness of the Medical Withdrawal request and the nature and extent of any tuition refund. Appropriate documentation must include a letter signed by the student’s treating physician describing the particular circumstances and the medical basis for the recommended withdrawal.

A written request for returning to the program after a medical withdrawal must be accompanied by a treating physician’s confirmation that the prior condition no longer prevents the student from resuming normal coursework.

Temporary Absence

No refunds will be made for students who remain away for part of a trimester without officially completing the withdrawal or leave of absence process. No refunds will be made in cases of disciplinary suspension.